Book: Beyond “Thank You for Your Service”

You, like most Americans, love our military. But most people don’t understand military culture, their experiences, what to say or how to best support them (or their families). That is, until now!

In this revolutionary book, Beyond “Thank You for Your Service:” The Veteran Champion handbook for civilians, I help you understand how to support those who defend freedom. Everyone can do something! No action is too small.


Whether you’re a neighbor, an employer, faith community leader, attorney, healthcare provider, educator, or any member of society, this book is for you.

Learn how easy it is for YOU to become a Veteran Champion and improve Veterans’ quality of life while you enrich your own life and strengthen your workforce and community.

Yes!  I want to read the book and become a Veteran Champion. Click here.     

Beyond “Thank You for Your Service.

Christine Hotchkiss, host of Stories of Hope, conducts a 28-minute audio interview about the why/what of Veteran Champions and what is in the book. November 2020. Click here.

Letter of congratulations from The Ohio National Guard Adjutant General, Major General Greg Wayt