Podcasts: “Military Minstry Builder”

A Military Ministry is an ideal way to foster connections, a sense of belonging, practical support and promote spiritual resiliency among military-connected persons. There is no cookie cutter approach. Participants can include those who have served, are serving, their families and others who love them. 

Volunteer leaders do not need to be a Servicemember, Veteran, Military Spouse or Pastor to lead this iniative. You need to love our military and want to serve them, learn about military culture, have some leadership skills, get to know local Veteran community resources and build a strong partnership with your clergy. 

Click here to learn how to become a volunteer military ministry leader.

Listen to these podcasts to learn tips and tricks to jump-start your Military Ministry.

Serving the Servers.

Shanon Phillips, in the Power Seeds Podcast, does a 46-minute audio interview about the “why” behind Vanguard Veteran, focusing on the purpose and approach for military ministries. May 24, 2022. Click here.

Beyond “Thank You For Your Service.”

Driven In Her Purpose Podcast, by Rosie Leonor, a 41-minute audio interview with a focus on Military Ministry. May 8, 2022. Click here.

Honor Veterans in a Tangible Way with Kathy Gallowitz.

Athena Dean Holtz does a 33-minute audio interview. November 2021. Click here

Key ideas in this podcast include:

  • How to build and heal relationships with service members
  • There’s more ways to support veterans that we as a society can help veterans their families
  • Practical tips for what you can do to build trusting relationships to bring veterans home