Podcasts: “Veteran-Hiring Concierge”

Do you want to win the escalating war on talent? Hire Veterans!

Do you know how to connect with Veteran talent in your community and build a proactive Veteran talent pipeline, use Military Skills Translators, interview these highly skilled candidates in a culturally competent way and retain them? Invest in a Veteran-hiring program today!

Take my complimentary “Veteran-Ready” employer assessment, here and then let’s review it during a 30-minute discovery call. For more information about Veteran hiring, click here.

Listen to these podcasts to learn tips and tricks to jump-start your Veteran-hiring program.

On Becoming a Veteran Champion.

Talent acquisition has never been more challenging than it is right now, and while that puts the pressure on HR, it has forced us to examine old hiring habits and even re-assess the talent pool with a fresh set of eyes. Click here to listen. In this 35-minute audio interview, we discuss:

  • What it means to be a Veteran Champion;
  • Why veterans are one of the most highly touted talent pools;
  • The truth behind the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding veteran hiring; and
  • How your organization can become more veteran-friendly!

What is a Veteran-Ready Employer?

In this 34-minute audio we discuss:

  • The traits that make veterans great employees
  • Myths and misconceptions about people in the military
  • The difference between veteran-friendly and veteran-ready
  • How to identify the transferable skills of veterans
  • Tips for recruiting and interviewing veterans
  • Being aware of the differences between military and civilian culture
  • Best practices for working with veterans

. July 26, 2022. Click here:

Discovering the Potential Veterans add to the Workplace.

In this 37-minute audio interview, we discuss:

  • Why Lt. Col. Kathy Lowrey Galloway started the Vanguard Veteran, LLC
  • What assimilation looks like for a veteran
  • Qualities and skill sets of veterans compared with civilians
  • What post-traumatic stress disorder how to help veterans with growth
  • Wonderful values and traits within veterans that translate well to the workplace
  • What HR leaders should know when veterans apply for work
  • The importance of an onboarding and support system at work for veterans

June 20, 2022. Click here.

Beyond Thank You For Your Service.

Woman of the Military Podcast hosted by USAF Veteran Amanda Huffman does a 43-minute audio interview of my career and life and why Veteran Champions are important. July 29, 2021. Click here.

What does it take to become a Veteran Champion?

This is hour-long audio and video interview done by The Veterans Breakfast Club Scuttlebutt Podcast is with me and Neferteri Strickland – U.S. Army dependent, Servicemember and host of the The Third Lieutenant Podcast. June 14, 2021. Click here.