Veteran Community Coaching

Vanguard Veteran’s thirty minute coaching clarifies your confusion, provides knowledge, perspective and connection.

Do you find that accessing and/or serving the Veteran Community confusing? Complex? Frustrating? You are not alone. Most people do!

Want to better understand the Veteran Community? To become familiar with the realities, and potential opportunities that comes with serving them, being philanthropic, doing business development ? Or, are you doing something else?

My first-hand experience as a career military officer, a military job and post-military business dedicated to understanding and serving the Veteran community coupled with being a military child, wife and Mom prepares me well to coach you. How can I help?

Veteran Community Coaching

Thirty minute virtual call to learn about your goals, advise you on the way forward and provide two contacts. Once payment is received, I will reach out to schedule the call. I can be reached at