What we do.

Mission: Equip civilians to become Veteran Champions.

In these uncertain post-pandemic times with tumultuous shifts in our workforce and communities, the mission of Vanguard Veteran is more important today, than ever! This is why:

  • Employers who hire Veterans get dependable, diverse natural leaders who will boost their productivity, reduce turnover and help them prepare for the workplace of tomorrow.
  • Volunteer faith community leaders who build military ministries foster a sense of belonging and promote spiritual resiliency while decreasing social isolation and helping curb Veteran suicide.
  • Inviting us to speak on these – and leadership topics – equips and inspires you to become GREAT civilian Veteran Champions.

Veteran Champions create mutually-beneficial activities and services with Service members, Veterans and their families to improve:

  • Quality of life
  • Workforce
  • Community    

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Have you ever considered how YOU could support Service members, Veterans and their families post-military service to help them smoothly transition into civilian life?
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What you can do:
Thank YOU
  • Invite us to Speak: Click, here.
  • Learn Veteran hiring and retention best practices at Veteran Talent Academy: Click, here!
  • Become a “Veteran-Ready” Employer: Click, here.
    • Start a “Military Ministry:” Click, here.
    • Host a Fallen Comrades Ceremony: Click, here.
    • Develop my Leadership Capacity: Click, here.
“Let’s partner to create Veteran Champions who make it easy for Veterans to transition into civilian life.
Everyone can be an ‘Everyday Hero’ and support Service members, Veterans and their families.”
                      – Lt.Col. (Ret.) Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz
Veterans strengthen our workforce and community.
Ready to become a Veteran Champion?  Let’s get started.

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