Military Children Serve, Too!

When was the last time you thanked these special kids for their military service?

Do you know who these amazing children are in your neighborhood? At school? In your place of worship? Are their parents your co-workers?

My father served in the U.S. Navy for over two decades, as a pilot and communications engineer. I was probably 12 in this picture with my older brother Ralph (United States Naval Academy graduate), my younger brother Kevin, sister Kim and my Mom (proud military spouse).

Did you know that children of active duty miltiary move 6-9 times during their K-12 school years? This potentially causes educational and social challenges. Children of Guard and Reserve members may also relocate in support of their parents’ military service. Both of these groups experience the absence of parents during deployments and its associated stressors.

I invite you to join the Miltiary Child Education Coalition in recognizing our resilient military-connected children in April during the Month of the Military Child. Let’s take this time to celebrate these wonderful children for their selflessness and sacrifice as they serve our country alongside their military parents.

I encourage you to find the military children (or their parents) in your life and present them with a certificate of appreciation. This small gesture in honor of their sacrifices will be well received.

Download the printable certificate, here.