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Let’s partner to create civilian Veteran Champions who make it easy for Veterans to return home and transition into civilian life. Everyone can be an “Everyday Hero” and support military, Veterans and their families.  – Lt.Col. (Ret.) Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz

Veteran Champions engage with and S-E-R-V-E military, Veterans and their families in mutually-beneficial ways to improve:

  • Quality of life
  • Workforce
  • Community

This is how we create the win-win.  

Be a part of the win!

The first-ever sociological examination of civic health as it relates to Veterans was done in 2015. The data unmistakably showed that Veterans of military service strengthen communities by volunteering, voting, engaging in local governments, helping neighbors, and participating in community organizations.

And, the study shows, they do so at higher rates than their non-veteran counterparts.  

Every year, around 245,000 veterans return to communities across the country, willing and eager not just to reintegrate into civilian society, but, as the Veteran Civic Health Index shows, to strengthen it.

Source: Rebecca Burgess. American Enterprise Institute. ‘Broken’ No More: Military Veterans are Civic Assets, data shows.



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