Do you know someone who is deployed?

Oct 26th is National Day of the Deployed

Wondering how you can support deployed military members and their families?

  • Communicate with the family to determine how to correspond with the deployed military member. Letters or cards sent via “snail mail” are a wonderful way to show you care.
Send a military care package. Click here to learn what to place in them.
  • Reach out to a military family in your community. Invite them over for a meal, out to the park, offer to babysit, or even make a simple phone call to check in.
  • If a parent is deployed, their partner at home may be facing additional challenges such as childcare. Take the time to get to know them and their needs, and see how you can help. 
Take time to get to know the military member and their family so you know how to best support them.
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Ready to do more as a Veteran Champion?

  • Strengthen your workforce by hiring/retaining Veteran employees, click here. Take the “Veteran-Ready” Employer Assessment, here.
  • Learn how to start and lead a Military Ministry – as a volunteer – in your place of worship to foster a sense of belonging and promote spiritual resiliency for military-connected people, click here.
  • Read “Beyond ‘Thank you For Your Service:’ the Veteran Champion handbook for civilians” available on Amazon, click here.
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