Mentors Transform Lives

Do you know a Veteran you could mentor?

Because You Mentored Me…

Veterans benefit from mentoring because they:

  • Feel disconnected from mainstream America
  • May be new to your workforce or community and don’t know anyone
  • Need to establish their new “tribe”
  • Tend to socially isolate
  • Don’t like to ask for help

Mentors are:

  • Leaders
  • Listeners
  • Advocates 
  • Role models 
  • Sounding boards
  • Influencers
  • Encouragers
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Accountability partners

Mentoring builds a more inclusive workforce and community:

  • Expanding our hearts and minds, raising awareness and increasing understandings about military culture
  • Cultivating connection and building trusting relationships
  • Redefining normal

Click here to become a career mentor for a Veteran.

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Informal and formal mentoring challenge us to do
 better and be better in our personal lives, at work
and in our communities.

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