Military Spouses: A Winning Talent Solution

“They also serve who only stand and wait.”  

– John Milton

Military Spouses are experts in flexibility, ingenuity, and perseverance.

Hiring Our Heroes’ helps Military Spouses Struggling to Find Employment.
Because of their commitment to their spouse’s military career and a highly mobile lifestyle, Military Spouse unemployment rates are estimated to be as much as three times higher than their civilian peers – upwards of 21%. Thirty-three percent report they are underemployed based on their educational background.
Hire Military Spouses, because they are:
  • Educated: 84% have some college education or higher. 24% have a bachelor’s degree. 10% have an advanced degree.
  • Diverse: The active duty Military Spouse community has a larger proportion of ethnic and racial minorities as compared to the broader civilian population.
  • Resilient: They report better coping than the average civilian. 
  • Adaptable: Military families experience lots of change – unpredictable spousal deployments, moves without notice and benefits or allowances that change unexpectedly.
  • Team-Oriented: At home, spouses are custom to relying on one another through social activities, with childcare and overall social support.
  • Resourceful: Military Spouses use the resources available to them and create innovative ways to overcome challenges.
  • Socially Aware & Civically Engaged: Military Spouses often interact with a variety of people of different cultures, backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities. Most spouses formally or informally volunteer in their communities and do so more than their non-veteran counterparts.
  • Source: Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families

Military Spouse Top 5 Roles: Human Resources/Talent Acquisition; Program/Project Management; Business Operations & Administration; Data and Program Analysis; Information Technology

Connect with Military Spouses, now:
  • The 7th Annual Military Spouse Employment Summit is May 18, 2023, 1:00-5:00PM EST, focusing on the work done by public, private, and nonprofit sector partners in communities around the country that delineate the causes and solutions to Military Spouse employment inequities. Register here.
  • Society of Human Resource Management Foundation’s Lunch and Learn Session: “Military Spouses: Learn More about this Overlooked Talent Solution” May 23, 2023 11:00AM EST. Register here.
  • Career Forward helps Military Spouse job seekers learn job-ready digital skills like data analytics, click here.
  • Military Spouse Career Accelerator Pilot connects employers with career-ready Military Spouses for paid 12-week fellowships across various industries and locations throughout the United States, click here.
  • Hiring our Heroes Hiring Events, click here.
2023 Presidential Proclamation for Military Spouse Appreciation Day, click here.

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