Lean on Veterans: Who better to help lead your teams through crisis?

In these unusual times, who better to lean on than Service members, Veterans (and military spouses) who thrive in the face of uncertainty, know how to lead and are highly resilient. 

This 4-part video series explains why you you should lean on them and how to identify them.

Who are the Service members & Veterans on your team

Series introduction. March 23, 2020, Click here. Why it’s essential to lean on Veterans to help your teams, right now.

Ask, “Have you ever served in the military?” Instead of,  “Are you a Veteran?”

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Part 1:  Veterans think “Mission First, People  Aways.March 24, 2020, Click here. What does this mean? Where does this line of thinking come from?

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Part II:  Veterans have experience leading through adversity.  March 25, 2020, Click here.  Two of the greatest military leaders of our times, General Patton and General Powell explain why Service members and Veterans are experienced leading through adversity.

Part III:  Military service hones the skills we need right now. March 26, 2020. Click here. Veterans have  coveted core competencies that consistently fall within the top 10 employer desired attributes.

Part IV: To win, lean on Service members, Veterans and military spouses. March 27, 2020. Click here.  Your team will be richly rewarded when you develop relationships with and leverage the values, skillsets and attributes of Service members, Veterans and military spouses.  They are wired to serve while in uniform and after.

Are you a Veteran Champion?

“By giving our veterans the gratitude and the opportunity they deserve, we are not only doing the right thing for them-we are also doing the right thing for all of us. Each returning veteran is a human resource, a mature, highly motivated young citizen who has proven his capacity to serve and to achieve.

These young men and women form one of our strongest hopes for the future.”

– President Nixon, 1972