How to Serve Military Families During the Holidays.

Ways to offer practical support:

  • Offer babysitting so a family member can Christmas shop without the children in tow.
  • Provide meals to ease the burden of regular household tasks.
  • Help with a household maintenance list while a service member is away to relieve a spouse who is maxed out.
  • House projects, winterizing the home or repairing broken items often remain unfinished due to limited capacity.
  • Simple things such as decorating a home or hanging or taking down Christmas lights can be a huge morale booster.
  • Seeing a need and stepping into that gap makes a big difference.
  • Due to the transient nature of military life, military families are eager to develop connections.

Local church support:

  • Foster connections through the life-changing power of Christ.
  • Military families look to the local church in hopes of forming deep relationships. Yet they face hurdles to involvement in the local church: lack of child care, transportation needs, time and finances. Consider these factors as you plan holiday parties to enable them to participate and bring friends.
  • Learn how to support military families all year long by starting your own “Military Ministry.”