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Upgrade your talent pool, now!
Lean on Veterans: Who better to lead our workforce teams through the COVID-19 recoverand help companies establish ‘new normals?’
Ask, “Have you ever served in the military?” Instead of,  “Are you a Veteran?”
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In times of uncertainty, who better to lean on than Service members, Veterans and military spouses.  This 4-part video series explains why you should lean on them to help your teams develop their new normal. Click here: 

Military service hones the skills we need right now.  Click here. Veterans have  coveted core competencies that consistently fall within the top 10 employer desired attributes.                             

To win, lean on Service members, Veterans and military spouses. Click here.  Your team will be richly rewarded when you develop relationships with and leverage their values, skillsets and attributes.  We are wired to serve – while in the armed forces and  after. 

Do you seek loyal employees who are leaders, loyal, easy to train and show up on time? Look no further! Hire Veterans.
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Obtain a free assessment to determine if your company is “Veteran-Friendly” or becoming “Veteran- Ready.” Click, here.

Benefits of becoming Veteran-Ready:

  • Strengthens your company’s reputation as civic-minded, patriotic and values-based.
  • Enables your company to leverage and retain disciplined, loyal leaders who increase productivity and promote cost savings.
  • Brands your organization as a Veteran Champion.

Not sure why being “Veteran-Ready” is important and what it means? Read this white paper.

How we can help:
  • Directories:

National Directory for Sourcing Veteran Talent.

Links and/or contact information for sourcing Veteran talent to more than 50 national resources, to include hiring fairs, job boards, large military base contacts, consulting firms, publications to advertise in, internship-like opportunities.


Connect & Build Relationships with Veterans in Central Ohio.

Explanations and contact information of more than 75 agencies, non-profits, associations, colleges and Veteran organizations in the Central Ohio region for building relationships with Veterans and developing a grassroots, proactive Veteran talent pipeline.


  • Tools:

Onboarding Checklist for Veterans.

This ready-to-use checklist jump-starts the onboarding of your new Veteran hire, including a a high-touch welcome, systematically pairing them with current Veteran employees and civilian “go-to” persons. Regular touch-base intervals are described. Use this tool today to get your new hire off on the right foot and cultivate their loyalty from the start.


How to Successfully Interview Veterans

This guide summarizes strategies for preparing for Veteran interviews, the type of questions to ask (with key examples) and how to get your Veteran candidate talking. Without knowing how to get the best out of the interview, it would be easy to miss a great hire.


How to review Veteran Resumes

This overview document describes what to expect and look for in Veteran Resumes. Explains how they are different and use them to effectively evaluate prospective Veteran talent.


  • Training:SHRM Recertification Provider CP-SCP Seal 2020 copy

SHRM PDC’s are available for these prerecorded trainings as marked. Each purchase must be registered individually with SHRM. Group sessions are also available.  Contact me here, for pricing.

Military Culture: Why Post-Military Transition can be Challenging and what’s in it for You.

Become familiar with how military service shapes values and behavior and considerations to bear in mind as you connect with this population. A little bit of awareness will take you a long way. One SHRM PDC is available.


Upgrade Your Talent Pool: How to Interpret Military Resumes, Translate Military Occupations, Interview and Source Veteran candidates.

Recap what research findings show about the value of the Veteran. Overview of proven strategies for sourcing, interpreting resumes and interviewing Veteran talent, emphasizing the use of military skills translators. One SHRM PDC is available.


Upgrade & Upskill Your Talent: Keep Veteran Hires on Your Team.

Learn key retention strategies for keeping Veteran talent. Includes specifics for onboarding, mentoring and professional development with an emphasis on creating a Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG). Characteristics and best practices of “Veteran-Ready” employers will also be described. One SHRM PDC is available.


  • Collaboration:

Veteran-Friendly Employer Consulting and Collaboration

One hour monthly virtual consulting or collaboration via Zoom for Veteran-Friendly employers who are new to Veteran hiring and retention. Join me to to share, brainstorm, and cultivate Veteran-hiring and retention best practices. $75 per month – three month minimum.


  • Veteran Champion Connect annual subscription:
    • Resource Directory: National and local Veteran talent sourcing
    • Notifications of Veteran community events
    • Features in Vanguard Veteran’s e-newsletter
    • Social media posting for Veteran-Friendly organizations
  • Consulting:                                                                                                                                                  
    • How to brand your company Veteran-Friendly
    • Developing a Veteran Employee Resource Group
    • Attracting Veteran Talent: How to source, interpret resumes and interview
    • Transforming your company from Veteran-Friendly to Veteran- Ready

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Veteran-Ready Employers

Veteran-Ready Employer Introduction training overview. Produced courtesy of Justin Higgins, Limitless Video Productions, LLC.

Not sure what Veteran-Ready means? Read this: FINAL_White Paper_Veteran Hiring_19Nov19

Course participant feedback:

Melissa Terry, FST Logistics  –“The two best takeaways were how to better connect with Veterans and develop procedures to become “Veteran-Ready.”

Doug Hamon, Battelle Employee Resource Group – “A wide range of useful information was provided. There is hiring and recruiting information for both civilian and Veteran teams. We will be sending several of our internal recruiters to future classes to help strengthen our Veteran-hiring practices.” 

Mark Osborn, Kokosing Construction Company – “Because of this training, I will engage our current Veteran associates to help us become ‘Veteran-Ready’ and attract other Veterans.”

Josh Fletcher, Crown Lift Trucks – “The best parts of the course were the Veteran-specific interview questions, how to review military resumes and all the resources.”

 Sarah Gillman, Buckeye Power Sales – “We need to be more proactive in finding Veteran talent and do more for our current Veteran associates.”


Megan Laughlin, Toyota Material Handling – “I will start looking into visiting military bases and attending other local events to better connect with Veterans.”

Todd Reigle, Equitable Mortgage – “Because of this training, we will come up with a hiring protocol to prove that we are “Veteran-Ready.”


Amber Bates, Recruiter – “I will be more active in finding Veterans for positions versus waiting for them to apply.”

Scott Williams, Business owner – “This course is essentially a field manual for hiring and retaining Veterans.”

Sergeant Stacie Beck-Taylor, Corrections Agency – “What I liked best was all the resources provided.”

Cody Holmes-Muskovin, Red Roof  – “The one thing I will do as a result of this course is to  use the military skills translator to see how our jobs translate.”

Kevin Donahue, Messer Construction – “Because of this course, I will improve our recognition, heighten our focus on Veteran hiring and improve  branding.”

Keely Pearce, Fairfield Homes – “I liked all the different things that were covered, from the myths to hiring rates,  market shortages and common behaviors associated with military culture.”

“By giving our veterans the gratitude and the opportunity they deserve, we are not only doing the right thing for them-we are also doing the right thing for all of us. Each returning veteran is a human resource, a mature, highly motivated young citizen who has proven his capacity to serve and to achieve.

These young men and women form one of our strongest hopes for the future.”

– President Nixon, 1972

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November is Hire-A-Veteran month. To learn how to hire Veterans and become a Veteran Champion, review Vanguard Veteran’s November 2018 newsletter. Click here.

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