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Do you seek loyal employees who are leaders, loyal, easy to train and show up to work on time? Look no further!
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Benefits of becoming “Veteran-Ready:”

  • Strengthens your company’s reputation as civic-minded, patriotic and values-based.
  • Enables your company to source and retain employees who are disciplined and loyal leaders.
  • Increases visibility, relationships within and access to the Veteran community.
  • Brands your organization as a Veteran Champion.
We offer:
  • Consulting:
    • Move your company from Veteran-Friendly to Veteran- Ready.
    • Create/refine a Veteran Employee Resource Group.
  • Training:
    • Veteran-ready employer introduction. (2.5 hours)
    • How to screen resumes, interview, and onboard Veterans. (1.5 hours)
    • Military sensitivity training. (1.5 hours)
  • Resource Directories:
    • National, state and local resources for sourcing Veteran employees.
    • How to become visible within and support the Veteran community.
  • Distinguishing your company as Veteran-Friendly via:
    • Social media posting
    • Facilitated connections to the Veteran community.
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30 July 2019

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November is Hire-A-Veteran month. To learn how to hire Veterans and become a Veteran Champion, review Vanguard Veteran’s November 2018 newsletter. Click here.

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